Serving Northern Illinois Since 1984

Home and Home Security is personal.

It is your family.
It is where you live.
It is the mementos of your life.
It is where you go to feel safe.

Illini Security is also personal. Since 1984, we have been serving Northern Illinois with the personal touch Home Security deserves. We are not some big brand-name security company who is going to advertise a door and window detector for $99 and make it up on a service contract or up-sell to a much bigger system as the real plan. We sit down with our prospective clients and go over all the options, hear out the main concerns, and add our 30 years of expertise to the equation. You decide once you have all the options up front. Of course we offer the ability to use your smartphone to monitor your home system, but that is just one option of many. No hidden fees. No up-selling. Your concerns addressed in a system you control; all installed and serviced by a business local in Northern Illinois.

Security Systems for Business can be personal, too.

It is what you have built, maybe from the ground up.
It can be a lifetime of investment in equipment, people, and even livestock.
It represents jobs for people that must be protected.

Illini Security secures many business in Northern Illinois. Open-close reporting, fire, closed-circuit camera monitoring, motion detection, water/temperature detection, and more are common in systems we have installed and maintain today. Experience matters in securing your business and Illini has 30 years of it in Northern Illinois. We live here and we work here. If you are a business owner, we can easily provide references of other business owners who use Illini Security upon request.